From Success
To Significance

2010. I’m 29, living in India, employed in a low-paying tech job. The phone rings.  A consultant just quit on a huge demanding client. The client is scrambling to find someone with the right skills and attitude.  After a 60 minute interview, they offer me the job. I’m excited. It is my first overseas opportunity.  And I waited my whole life for this moment.

I don’t know if I’m ready for this or even how long I’ll stay overseas.  Also, the timing isn’t ideal; I’ve recently leased an apartment and filled it with furnishing. But I take a leap of faith, cancel the lease, and donate all my possessions. I am all in.

Ten days later, with my visa formalities complete, I say goodbyes to loved ones and board an international flight for the first time in my life. I’m nervous and bursting with excitement.

I grew up in a small town in Southern India with 15 people in my home…a joint family of three generations living under one roof! Without realizing it at the time, I developed the art of deeply connecting with people.

After graduating in Engineering (specializing in Computer Science), I worked in IT for ten years. While the industry focused on systems, I focused on the people who worked on these systems. Successfully connecting with those people helped me win projects and promotions.

I land in Regina, Canada, with all my belongings, my total assets, in only two suitcases. I am shocked by the minus 40 temperature. I grew up in plus 40s heat and didn’t complain.

I dive into work. People soon start calling me “The Finisher” because I rescue failing projects. The client keeps extending my contract until I’ve been there 2.5 years and I get my residency.

During this time, I live alone in my downtown apartment. I learn a lot, explore a lot, connect with myself at a deeper level, and truly begin understanding myself better.

But I feel restricted.

It troubles me that I can’t truly serve the client because “they aren’t paying for it.” I work 24/7 for a tiny fraction of what the client pays while navigating petty office politics and difficult bosses.

So I want an alternative that will give me flexibility and fulfillment, and in September 2013, I launch my own consulting company ‘Inthera Consulting Inc‘.

Things improve. I get a lot of business.

Fast forward to March 2020; COVID hits the world. I lose all my contracts practically overnight (worth multiple six figures). It’s impossible to find work, and I start to panic.

Then my cousin dies of COVID. It stops me in my tracks: I realize our insignificance compared to the grand scheme of things in the world. There isn’t a lot of time for anyone. Tomorrow is promised to no one.

After some introspection, I decide to improve myself. I invest in training an amount I’ve never before invested. Each weekend, I study a new certification training program; I earn 21 new credentials in 6 months. It’s intense.

But it pays off! I soon win multiple team members and new clients. I’m now making almost double of what I earned pre-pandemic from the luxury of my home.

Life is good again, almost perfect…

But losing my cousin made me realize that I didn’t just want to be successful; I want to be significant, make my existence meaningful. I want to give back and help others get to the next level.  And I see a way to do this…

After working on 50 consultancy projects over two decades, I could see a pattern. IT consultants inadvertently cause problems for the clients because they lack certain skills.  And most organizations initiate projects without prioritizing the skillset needed of the key people involved.

I saw a way to fix this while also helping others, and in 2021, I opened my second company, the IIITC – International Institute of IT and Consulting Ltd. People need skills to thrive in the digital age. Rather than giving them the fish, IIITC exists to teach people how to fish to sustain themselves.

Hopefully, helping many others succeed in life will be my legacy after I’m gone. Hopefully, others will say,

“Yes, He Was Successful, but to Me, He Was Significant.”

Sabrish Chandrakanth is a professional IT Consulting Expert, Coach and an Influencer. With over 19 years in the IT Industry that includes over 50 consultancy projects, he brings a wealth of knowledge and wisdom to IT and in helping several Medium, Large Businesses and Corporations across the world. He takes pride in developing innovative ways to handle IT problems and enabling Businesses achieve desired outcomes. He is on a mission to elevate Individuals globally by providing them with mindset, skills and competencies so that they are able to meet the demand for Professional Consultants in the Digital Age.


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